• Josh Newis Smith

The Britney & Justin Jean|Niche of The Week

Niche of The Week is my column all about the style icons I am resurrecting ATM.

CREDITS: Jeans, £290, ELV Denim; T-shirt, £9.99, New Look and Trainers, £74.95, Nike

Finding a great pair of jeans can be a lot like Tinder – you have to swipe past so many ill fitting candidates until you find one worth slipping into. A bold image, I agree but a highly accurate one. After all how many skinny jeans have you owned that led to you spending at least twenty minutes of your life forcing yourself into them from many awkward angles only to feel unsatisfied a few hours later... when the fit is completely gone. Then all you are left with are something a ‘banker from say Clapham’ would call a ‘slim’ leg. *Shudders*

Britney and Justin found the perfect partners in each other, too, but alas it didn’t last long either. However they created something that will last longer than any Tinder relationship: that iconic double denim moment. An image so great it came complete with a denim cowboy hat. Just. Yes.

Imagine my sheer joy at finding ELV Denim who have brought Britney and Justin back together again in one chic AF jean with two distinctly different denim panels that feel oh so right clashing next to each other - much like the couple themselves. These modern unisex jeans are constructed with reused denim so they are serving up the style and sustainability all at once. Denim that’s great for your soul and doesn't loose it's shape, what’s not to love?

Plus you will never have to worry about struggling to find the perfect fit again as alongside their ready to wear collection – which even includes bleach dyed denim, another Britney & Justin fave - ELV Denim have a made to measure service operating out of Alex Eagle Studio on Lexington Street, London. I couldn't be prouder to be an #ELVBoy for the company founded by my fashion fairy godmother, Anna Foster.

CREDITS: Jeans, Levi's; Jacket, Tommy Hilfiger; Zip-through Jumper, Vintage Adidas and Shoes, Christian Louboutin.

When it comes to denim I am often asked what to avoid and critically: “can I REALLY do double denim?” I personally would never avoid a cheeky double dose of denim and as long as the shades of said two-piece are tonally in check you cannot go wrong. The one thing I would rather die than ever wear again, however, would be a bootcut jean with a dark stone wash effect. It’s no exaggeration when I say I am physically retching at my keyboard as I type these heinous words, after all I can barely even mutter them out loud.

The only thing I am missing now is a fetiching and matching cowboy hat. I know what you are all asking right now: "are you ok, Hun?" Well the wild west wardrobe is back for Spring/Summer 2018 so deal with it!

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