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Niche of The Week: Samurai Waiter Waistcoats

'Niche of The Week’ is the regular column all about my random and somewhat dubious fashion ‘icon’ or obsession of the week.

Waistcoats have long brought me out in psychological hives given that they conjure images of disastrous dressing decisions of such oil slick boy bands as Blue and JLS in the decade that wasn't kind to anyone: the noughties. But who are we kidding, this staple of dodge snooker players worldwide has been plaguing style senses since the dawn of modernity.

The last time I slipped into a waistcoat was when my brother forced me to wear an embroidered lime green Moss Bros. incarnation for his wedding in 2012 – there is so much wrong with that sentence! The outrage was real and my mother paid me £25 to put up and shut up -clearly blackmail came cheap when I was an intern with an overdraft larger than Greece's.

Slipping into one six years on, with the deep suffering still as fresh as the day I CLIPPED on the matching cravat, I was in a state of panic - yes I am V dramatic! However the re-imagination of said item by H&M Studio had a pull I could not ignore namely because it referenced the bad ass garb of Japanese Samurais and I am about ANYTHING that makes me feel like a 2018 battle axe. Belted at the side (you will be wearing your ties around your waist this summer lads) the asymmetric vibe couldn’t have been less Moss Bros. if it tried.

Still the first world fashion problem was real but upon entering the room to interview Kate Hudson the actress exclaimed, ‘I love this Western waiter look!’ Wearing a white shirt with silver collar caps clearly was a wiser wardrobe decision than I realized. Thanks Hudson, you Hun for giving this boy the clothing confidence to overcome my past. Apologies for the name-drop but whilst I am picking it up from the floor consider this… could there be any greater compliment from the queen of the rom-com?

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Back in the real world, now… when re-approaching the waistcoat don't be afraid to relive your teenage careers and reserve your own waiter look with a monochrome ensemble. However ensure you give the outfit weighty foundations with heavy-duty boots; mine came complete with a 'moustache' and a splash of croc via Jimmy Choo. Plus avoid anything other than a skinny leg trouser, as it will put the naughty right back into the noughties. I threw in a contrast silk stripe down the side of the Topman trousers to earn me extra tips. A boy has got to do what a boy has go to do, now go forth and serve…

CREDITS: Waistcoat, H&M Studio; Trousers and Shirt, Topman; Boots, Jimmy Choo

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